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Middle School

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Grades 6 - 8

信心. 领导. 订婚. Throughout Middle School at Providence Day, 学生体验发展适当的机会,形成强烈的认同感和使命感. 我们努力帮助他们培养对艺术、体育和周围世界的欣赏. 我们的学生带着坚实的学术和社会情感基础离开中学,为他们在高中的成功做好准备. 


Students in each grade take required courses in English, 科学, 数学, 历史, and Physical Education. As a school with a global emphasis, 我们有很多学生在中学学习了几年的世界语言, and students may also take advantage of opportunities for world travel.

学生们可以选修计算机应用程序等课程来充实他们的课程表, Global Issues, Creative Writing, STEM courses including Engineering and Robotics, 剧院, 乐队, 合唱, 和字符串. 

Middle School Course of Study

Head of Middle School

Bobby Thompson
Middle School Dean of Students

Dr. Kendrick Liles
Assistant Dean of Students

aerial shot of Middle School students working on their iPads and laptops

在中学阶段,学生们被介绍到荣誉守则,并迅速掌握诚信的价值和重要性, especially when combined with greater responsibility and freedom. 

At Providence Day School, 我们相信个人和学术诚信都是最重要的. 学生被授予无条件信任,并被要求表现出诚信. An honorable student does not lie, cheat, or steal. Each individual is responsible for his or her own conduct, keeping in mind that individual actions set an example for others. 教师和管理人员支持学生对荣誉的理解和发展,以努力培养他们自己和学校的自豪感.

Legacy Houses

中学引进了“遗产房屋”,以前中学教师的名字命名,他们给学校和学校留下了持久的印象. The purpose of the community building program, in the spirit of the Hogwarts houses in the Harry Potter series, 是让学生有机会建立跨年级的关系和联系,并参与促进学院之间健康和有趣竞争的活动,例如争夺默多克杯(以一位传奇的前老师和教练命名), the late Gil Murdock), to be awarded to a house with the most points at the end of a school year. 学生们被“分类”到各自的学院,并了解各自的“传奇”,” character traits, 波峰, 座右铭, and rules for each house throughout the year.

Students working in the raised beds of Charger Gardens
Social Responsibility

In Middle School, 普罗维登斯日对社会责任的强调侧重于同理心和与公立学校的年级级伙伴关系. 六年级的学生和运动学校的学生是幼儿园的好伙伴. 在七年级,学生们与温特菲尔德小学的学生成为一年级的好朋友. 在八年级,学生们与威尔逊STEM学校的同学结成伙伴关系.


Clubs and Activities


From Model U.N. 到图书之战,到艺术俱乐部,到中学戏剧或音乐剧,到课外STEM俱乐部和学生会, 我们强调让学生有机会发现新的激情, 的优势, and leadership skills. 

Seventh and eighth graders may participate in a variety of sports. Service learning is also emphasized, and the great majority of our students participate in service activities, 培养社会责任意识以及我们对本地和全球社会的潜在影响.