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At Providence Day, belonging is an outcome of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We commit and aspire to have each member of our community experience and feel a sense of belonging, meaning each individual is seen, heard, valued, and affirmed in all of their full selves, thus making them feel connected to the greater PD community.


• Strengthened the bias reporting system, created last year, which focused on accountability and education. It is now a multi-prong system that emphasizes
social-emotional well-being of those directly impacted, community restoration,
restorative justice practices, education, and accountability.
• Added language to employment position descriptions that attract qualified candidates who share values of equity, inclusion, and belonging.
• Expanded the Black Families Network and Hispanic Families Network to bring communities together.
• Brought the Jewish community together in response to anti-Semitic incidents and created space to address concerns and chart a pathway forward. Partnered with local Jewish religious leaders to identify resources to better educate the PD community.
• Put on a school play, She Kills Monsters, with Queer lead characters and raised $4,400 in proceeds benefiting Time Out Youth, a local organization that supports LGBTQ youth.
Developed 50+ programs and events catering to various stakeholders with diverse needs.
• Collaborated with the Office of Alumni Relations to host AFIRM (Alumni, Fostering, Inclusion, Respect, & Multiculturalism) events including a meet-and-greet, a presentation to the Board of Alumni, monthly newsletter, and an alumni panel on college and careers.